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Airen Edebiri, RPh, PharmD

Aiden Edebiri.png
Board Certified Pharmacist 

Airen Edebiri, PharmD, is a highly experienced pharmacist with 17 years of expertise in community pharmacy settings. He specializes in medication therapy management, regulatory compliance, and patient care, bringing a deep understanding of pharmaceutical practices and legal regulations. Edebiri provides expert testimony and consultation services for legal cases involving pharmacy regulations, medication errors, adverse drug reactions, and standard-of-care issues. His proficiency extends to evaluating drug interactions, adverse reactions, overdoses, and medication errors, applying his extensive knowledge of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.

With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Harding University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington, Edebiri has held roles such as Pharmacy Manager and Staff Pharmacist, overseeing operations, providing direct patient care, and ensuring regulatory compliance. His comprehensive approach includes reviewing medical records and scientific literature to assess causation and potential liability, making him a valuable resource for attorneys, insurers, and other parties involved in pharmacy-related legal matters.

General Specialties: Pharmacist 

Available Licenses: Licensed in TX.

Specialty Focus: Medication therapy management, regulatory compliance, and patient care.

Education: Doctor of Pharmacy, Harding University - Bachelor of Science in Biology, The University of Texas at Arlington.

Years in Practice: 17

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