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Andrew Ng, MD

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Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Dr. Andrew Ng is board certified in Internal Medicine. He began practice working as a hospitalist in the acute care setting both in Michigan and then in California. After starting part-time work caring for patients in the skilled nursing environment, Dr. Ng transitioned to full-time practice in the SNF setting. Dr. Ng specializes in both short-term and long-term care for patients who reside in SNFs. He is aware of the intricacies involved in providing care in this setting as well as the appropriate standards of care. He is able to provide efficient case reviews in all aspects of nursing home care.

General Specialties: Internal Medicine, Skilled Nursing Facilities

Specialty Focus: COVID-19, nursing homes, long term care, medical negligence, elder abuse/neglect, nursing home falls, physical and chemical restraints, elopement, Dementia and memory care, geriatric polypharmacy, bedsores (pressure wounds or pressure ulcers), Nursing home infections (MRSA, VRE), Dehydration, Geriatric head trauma, Accidental and suspected non-accidental (inflicted) trauma, nursing home administration, supervision, credentialing, and staffing  neurobiology, physiology, behavior,

Education: MD, Medical College of Ohio; BS Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, University of California, Davis;

Years in Practice: 20

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