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Haseeb Al-Mufti, MD

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Board Certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine

Dr. Al-Mufti has extensive clinical and administrative experience. In addition to providing independent expert medical opinions to both plaintiff and defense attorneys on matters:

Medical malpractice, standards of care, complex hypertension, center, and home kidney dialysis, acute kidney injury and inpatient kidney care, congestive heart failure associated with kidney failure, dialysis catheter-related complications, inflammatory kidney diseases, nephrotic syndromes and proteinuria, kidney injury-related to systemic vasculitis, urinary tract infections, obstructive uropathy, contrast related acute kidney injury, drug-related kidney injury, all other disorders of hereditary and congenital kidney disease, and pregnancy-related kidney failure and syndromes.

General Specialties: Nephrology and Internal Medicine

Available Licenses: Licensed in CA, IL, and MD.

Specialty Focus: Nephrology 

Education: MD, American Board of Internal Medicine, Nephrology. Doctorate of Medicine and Surgery, MBChB.

Years in Practice: 20

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