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The Team

Our Pharmacy/PharmD Expert Witness is indispensable in the realm of pharmaceutical litigation and regulatory compliance. With extensive knowledge in pharmacology, medication management, and pharmaceutical ethics, they provide critical insights into legal cases and regulatory issues. Their expertise ensures accurate interpretation of medication regimens, drug interactions, and pharmaceutical practices while adhering to industry standards and patient safety protocols. This proficiency is essential in elucidating complex pharmaceutical concepts and bridging the gap between clinical practice and legal requirements, thereby promoting a safer and more compliant healthcare environment.

Dr. Aiden Edebiri.png

Airen Edebiri

Rph, PharmD

Airen Edebiri is a highly experienced Doctor of Pharmacy with 17 years of expertise in community pharmacy settings. Specializing in medication therapy management, regulatory compliance, and patient care, He possesses a deep understanding of pharmaceutical practices, standards of care, & legal regulations. He offers expert testimony and consultation services for legal cases involving pharmacy regulations, medication errors, adverse drug reactions, and standard-of-care issues.

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