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Medical Informatics / HIPAA

The Team

Our Medical Informatics Witness Expert plays a crucial role in the convergence of healthcare and technology. With expertise in medical informatics, legal compliance, and technology implementation, they offer valuable insights into legal cases and regulatory matters. Their knowledge ensures the seamless integration of electronic health records, data analytics, and technology while upholding patient privacy and security. This expertise is vital in bridging the gap between complex technical aspects and legal considerations, fostering a safer and more efficient healthcare landscape.

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Omar Shaker

Healthcare Futurist

Omar Shaker, MD, MBA is a physician turned clinical data visualization expert, with 3 years of patient care at Tufts and abroad, and a 10-year track record of EHR, decision making, and interoperability consulting. People-focused with exceptional ability to lead emotionally. Extensive clinical data analytics practice working with a wide variety of clinical datasets from payers, health systems, pharma, and HIEs. Successful track record in delivering health data products based on data generated from user research and using design thinking methods. Named one of HIMSS Future 50, and published author and presenter on FHIR at HL7 Roundtables, and AHIMA on clinical data integrity and burnout. Active advisor and angel investor in early-stage digital health startups. Published author and confident speaker, with extensive healthcare network.

Omar has 10+ years of experience in consulting US Payers and Providers to improve healthcare using data science and data visualization. 

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